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Sciatica and Shenanigans

Sciatica is brilliant isn’t it? Other people pick things up for you, you can take the lift without guilt and, best of all, you can make sex noises when you get off the sofa.

Weirdly I still don’t have a sore back. Just the bum and leg. Someone on here suggested a yoga thing called the pigeon. It hasn’t done much for the sciatica but it released a helluva lot of trapped wind, so thank you kind lady for the tip. Mr V is slightly less grateful because he was supervising proceedings from behind.

The sciatica is related to a slipped disc so, although my back isn’t sore this time, I’ve been doing some of the stretching exercises from the NHS website to relieve the pain in my bum. I will leave it to you to google ‘lying deep gluteal stretch’ but it involves grasping your thigh and pulling it towards you, keeping your spine on the floor. This is how it went:

Mr V: why are you lying on the floor swearing?

Me: Because I am trying to figure out how to make my boobs smaller so I can reach my thigh.

Mr V: is this a weird sex thing? Can I help?

Me: could you pass me my thigh?

Mr V (with a hopeful glint in his eye): would you like the other one too?

Me: go away, annoying person.

The NHS website said if you were struggling you could use a towel to help pull your thigh.

Me: could you fetch a towel please?

Mr V: aha! This is definitely sexy shenanigans!

Me: 🙄🙄🙄

Anyway, I would definitely recommend trying the NHS website exercises. The pain in my arse has gone away and the sciatica’s doing quite nicely too.

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