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The Nicest Thing About…

The nicest thing about writing is hearing from people who enjoyed what I wrote. I write to make people laugh and there’s nothing better than someone saying my scribbles brightened their day. There really isn’t a downside to all of this. Even the worst Amazon review is more than outweighed by the people who said thanks for making them smile. I never expected to make anything at all from writing and, like many authors, I just want to be read. I will never forget the feeling of bravely sending my first book baby out into the world and my utter astonishment that people actually read it. I was terrified that everyone would say it was rubbish and I would have to go hide under a duvet in shame. I was even more terrified to admit that to anyone in case they thought I was a big cowardy custard, so I ploughed on, cast off the duvet and hid my fears beneath a mask of jolly confidence. Now, a few books in, I feel confident enough to simply enjoy my readers’ enjoyment.

The other nicest thing is giving away books. Every month I give away one of my books to a newsletter subscriber. Mr V has a randomiser app on his phone which picks a number between one and however many subscribers I have. He makes me shout “one, two, three, RANDOMISE” before he’ll press the button. This is why I love him. How can you not love a man who makes you “say the thing, go on, say the thing, I’m not pressing the button until you say the thing”? Each month, I’m so excited to email someone to tell them they’ve won a signed book. Each month, Mr V is less than excited when I make him go to the post office to post it. That is the price you have to pay for making your wife feel like a twat with “one, two, three, RANDOMISE.” 🙂

The Big Blue Jobbie reached number 2 in humour and satire on Amazon this month (and number 54 in the whole Kindle charts). I wanted the number 1 badge of course, but there’s something quite apt about it being at number 2. Thank you to all the people who bought the book and got it as far as that.

Anyway, if you have enjoyed my books, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. It means a lot to me and helps future readers know what they’re getting. Thank you and the warmest of wishes x

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