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In March 2020 the Prime Minister told Mrs V to shield for 12 weeks. Then for a bit longer. And just a little bit longer.  No cuddles, no snogging, no tasting other people’s cocktails to see if they were nicer than hers; pick a spot and stay put. This was bad news for everyone, except possibly the ice cream industry.


Mrs V immediately laid claim to the dining room and created her little slice of self-isolation.  From her perch in Covid Corner, she blogged about the daily ups and downs of family life in lockdown, keeping her readers laughing as the world got weirder.  

This book is a compilation of those posts, along with lots of extra bits and commentary.  Like Mrs V, it’s slightly unconventional, quirky, full of warmth (both the loving and the menopausal kind) and has a filthy sense of humour.



Book cover The Big Blue Jobbie #2  - Author Yvonne Vincent

Everyone knows that Mrs V is a delight.  She tells them often enough.  So, when the NHS said she no longer needed to shield, Mrs V enthusiastically launched herself back into the world of shops, snogging and stealing chips off her family’s plates.  Once more, she was able to blog about doing interesting things.  Then the Prime Minister shut the shops, cancelled Christmas and locked everyone down again.

In this sequel to The Big Blue Jobbie, follow the tiers and tantrums of Mrs V and her family, through her blog posts, as they navigate more lockdowns, cock-ups and Jaffa Cake skulduggery.  Like Mrs V herself, it’s quirky, fun, full of warmth and has a filthy sense of humour.



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