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Haircut Horrors!

The true test of a relationship is your other half’s response to your new haircut. I could practically read Mr V’s mind when I got home from the hairdresser. His inner monologue went like this:

‘She looks a bit different. What’s different? She’s going to expect me to notice so I better figure out what’s different. Nails? No. New top? No. Has she lost weight? Because I’m buggered if I can tell. Maybe I’ll go with the weight loss just to be on the safe side. Hang on a minute, her hair looks weird. She’s had her hair cut! Oh I do not like that haircut. I’ll tell her I don’t like it. Ah but I like sexy shenanigans and they’ll be banned. I could lie and say it’s lovely. But if she catches me out she’ll never shut up about it. So I better be diplomatic. What’s a diplomatic thing to say? Also what if she’s had a haircut AND lost weight? I need one phrase that will cover all the bases.’

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mr V.

Then he toddled off, delighted with himself, his work as a man done.

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