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Date Night

Well date night went…adequately. Mr V reluctantly dragged himself to the cinema and didn’t once mention getting a second mortgage to pay for the popcorn. He refused all offers of food and drink and pronounced the film ‘okay’. I ate so much popcorn I gave myself indigestion so there was no prospect of some hot tartan trouser action. It was all very romantic 🙄

The best part of the evening was meeting SuperStephen. I asked Stephen, the barista in the cinema coffee shop, if he got to see films for free, which led to me discovering that the coffee shop franchise belongs to the cinema. So of course I demanded to know more:

Did he work in other parts of the cinema? Yes.

Did he have to wear a different uniform if he worked in other parts of the cinema? Yes.

What happened if he got moved to another part of the cinema half way through his coffee shop shift? Well, he might have to change uniforms.

Did he change in a phone box? Eh??

When he changed his uniform did people not recognise him? Did they not realise he was Stephen the Coffee Shop Guy? Did they think he was SuperStephen the Cinema Guy? Yes and he also wore glasses to hide his identity!

Then SuperStephen said ‘this is weird [as if a fifty year old woman he’d never met before turning him into an imaginary superhero was perfectly normal] but listen to the music that’s playing!’ I kid you not, it was the Superman theme tune.

I was delighted. This conversation was even better than the one I had with the man who made my sandwiches where we decided which body parts we’d replace with sweets and I did jazz hands with imaginary Kit Kat fingers in the middle of the deli.

It was like the gods of cinema were smiling upon us . Mr V may not have been overly enthusiastic about date night but the purpose was to beat the winter blues. I put a smile on a stranger’s face so I’d say job done.

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