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It’s almost Christmas and, in a ballroom just beyond the cobbled streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town, the most important event of the year is taking place – the Foxtrot Oscars. Mrs Hubbard’s whole senior citizenship has been building towards the moment she and her Douglas take the Over Sixties Swingers Cup. What could possibly go wrong, dearies?


When the Losers Club friends arrive to cheer the couple on, they expect a weekend of shopping, dancing and binge-watching all the TV programmes they can’t get back home. Instead, they find Mrs Hubbard missing and blood on the dancefloor. 


With the city gridlocked and the police unable to reach them, it is up to Losers Club to investigate. Why would someone snatch the village shopkeeper? And what does it have to do with the contents of Mrs Hubbard’s third biggest handbag?


Helped by friends old and new, the Losers follow the trail through Edinburgh’s darkest places to solve a Jacobite mystery locked in time.

MISTLETOES (Losers Club Book 7)  - Signed copy

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