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Fit a sotter! The Major Investigations Team is on the island and Sergeant Wilson is a woman on a mission. She must solve the murder of the lighthouse keeper before the MIT eat all the good police biscuits.


The DCI might have ordered her to do door-to-door enquiries, but she was la-la-la-not-listening. Convinced that the answer lies in Beacon Brodie’s mysterious past, she has instead conscripted the best of the Losers Club minions to discover the truth.


In the meantime, Gordon and Jim (the Z team) are relegated to discovering the identity of the Vik Vigilante, a shadowy figure exacting revenge on the citizens of Vik. Why did a celebrity appear naked behind an ornamental magnolia in the garden centre? Who forced a journalist to eat his own words? And…gasp…could the vigilante be the killer?


As the Losers Club friends uncover a midden of lies and deceit, they realise that something far more sinister is at play, and sometimes the truth is best left buried.


BEACON BRODIE (Losers Club Book 6) - Signed copy

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