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Vik Island weight-loss group, Losers Club, is on the mainland for the Police Scotland Bravery Awards and, even better, they’re staying in a posh hotel. 


With housekeeping trollies full of free stuff just lying about the place, waiting for the unwary pilferer, Mrs Hubbard’s only regret is that she didn’t bring a bigger handbag.


Diet sheets have been abandoned and Gordon’s dungarees are straining at the seams, so what could be nicer than a gentle stroll up Bennachie to offset all those breakfast sausages? Anything. Anything could be nicer because this is no gentle stroll.


When the Losers stumble upon the body of a young woman on the hillside, they quickly become entangled in a web of deceit surrounding local road protestors. The very police officers awarding them for bravery seem determined to write off the death as a drug overdose, and it is up to Losers Club to convince them otherwise.


Soon, the hunt is on for an elusive whistleblower, and the Losers find themselves pitted against the establishment. As the conspiracy deepens and the bodies start piling up, they realise they can trust no one.


THE JUNIPER KEY (Losers Club Book 5) - Signed copy

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