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The islanders are up to the high doh. Scotland’s popular reality game show, Game of Trust, is being filmed at Vik Castle and two of their own are taking part. Will the “Saviours” team help them survive, or will the “Murderers” team eliminate them first? 


When Sergeant Wilson receives intelligence that the international art thief, Shoogledy Jack, has infiltrated the game in order to steal Laird Hamish’s valuable painting, she commandeers Losers Club to help her unmask the villain. Sending some of their number in undercover seems like an excellent idea…until a contestant is eliminated in the most gruesome fashion, leaving behind a trail of conflicting stories and half-truths.


With the remaining contestants locked in the castle and unable to communicate with the outside world, loyalties become strained as the Losers battle to solve the murder, find the thief and stop PC “Easy” Piecey eating all the good chocolate biscuits. If they are all to survive the night, Saviours and Murderers must work together in this ultimate Game of Trust.

GAME OF TRUST (Losers Club Book 8) - Signed copy

VAT Included
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